The Story Behind Our Name, Logo, and Purpose

When building Pen to Presence, I knew that I wanted the company to have a purpose. But let’s be real, marketing consulting businesses are not necessarily known for social change. There is one truth that has weaved through everything I have done in my career; I want to make a positive impact on women. So I found my purpose, supporting female entrepreneurs and small business owners.

From there, the belief statement poured out:

  • We believe in supporting women entrepreneurs and companies that help women.
  • We believe that our efforts should produce data-driven results or our services are free.
  • We believe in old-school customer service, listening and serving.

The real challenge: how to embody those beliefs in a name and logo.

Hand lettering and calligraphy inspired our logo font. The patience and skill required for hand lettering represent the attention and care we strive to give each one of our clients.

The iconic pen within a circle represents our impact focused philosophy. Social media, content marketing, and brand marketing should produce trackable results.

Our colors red, black, and white nod to the bold women we serve. There was always something magical in Elizabeth Taylors bold red lip, against her dark features.

Finally, we had it, Pen To Presence. We love a good pun, and we believe that strategic content and social media marketing can amplify all your marketing efforts.

Shoot me an email and we can chat more.

Natasha K. Kazi