Complete Guide To Social Media Account Set-Up for Authors and Illustrators [2022]

So you want to launch a social media account? I’ve curated a list of current (2022) account setup tutorials. Each video is a step-by-step guide to starting your social media account on that platform.


Social Media Set-Up Tips

Choosing Your Profile Name

When choosing your profile name, your author name as it appears on your writing, with no dots or underscores, is ideal. If your name is taken, you can add something like “books” or “author” after your name. But the key is to be consistent, you should use the same name across platforms, or at the very least Twitter and Instagram.  

Keywords, #Keywords, Keyword

Make sure to include keywords wherever possible. Social platforms use keywords (words and phrases) to categorize your profile and content. Using strategic keywords helps people find you! A few keywords I use are author-illustrator, picture books, kidlit, children’s book writer, children’s book illustrator, etc. But don’t make your bio a list of keywords, incorporate them naturally.

Social Media Set-Up Tutorials

Setting Up Facebook Profile Tutorial:

Setting Up Twitter Profile Tutorial: 

Setting Up Instagram Profile Tutorial: (iPhone)

Setting Up Pinterest Profile Tutorial:

Setting Up TikTok Profile Tutorial: 

Setting Up Youtube Profile Tutorial:

Setting Up LinkTree Tutorial: