Brand Marketing


What’s In A Name? The First Steps In Creating A Brand Name

The first step in creating a brand identity is to define a naming strategy. Once designed, this should be formulated in a “naming brief”. The naming strategy includes the following: A description of the product and/or company. What makes it unique, different, or necessary A definiton of the product or company that he name must support. An understanding of what

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A Step by Step Guide to Customer Lifetime Value

If you have dreams of standing in front of Mr. Wonderful in The Shark Tank there is one metric you should come prepared to speak to: Customer Lifetime Value (aka CLTV, LCV, LTV, Oh M Gee).  By definition, it is the net profit you can expect from a given customer’s purchases over the entire life of the customer relationship. There are two

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The Step by Step Guide to Customer Acquisition Cost

Driving the right balance between Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value can make or break your business. Are you keeping score? Customer acquisition cost (CAC) can be calculated by dividing marketing expenses by the number of customers acquired in the period the marketing expenses were incurred. For example, if a company spent $1000 on marketing in a year

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The Story Behind Our Name, Logo, and Purpose

When building Pen to Presence, I knew that I wanted the company to have a purpose. But let’s be real, marketing consulting businesses are not necessarily known for social change. There is one truth that has weaved through everything I have done in my career; I want to make a positive impact on women. So I found my purpose, supporting

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