3 Questions To Ask Before Launching Your Business Blog

So you are taking the leap to starting your own business. Name, check. Website domain, check.  Website host, check. It is smooth sailing ahead, until you see the prompt, “Install Blog”. Before you make the commitment and add a blog to your new business website, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Do I have time, right now, to spend 2-3 hours writing stories that support my business? or the resources to outsource it? 

Everything you put out into the universe says something about you and your brand, do you want it to be halfway?  If you don’t have the time or resources to create blog content do not build out a public blog. It will only reflect negatively on the productivity of your business. It is better to build out key social channels, curating content, until the resources are there to create your own.

Do I have access photography and video, which you have copyright permission to use? 

Photography and video are the new currency of the web. Do you have the access to copyright-free content that can support your blog writing? Sites like iStock and ShutterStock will let you download images for a fee. There are free stock photo sites out there, including Pexels,  Pixabay and Unsplash.

Are there direct and measurable benefits to putting updated content on your website?

What is the strategic goal of your blog? Drive new customers via SEO? Tell your brand story and build a loyal following? Both? These are good reasons for having a business blog. If your potential customers are rarely using Google Search, then a blog might not be your top priority. If your company is B2B and built on loyalty with account managers, a blog might not be as concerning.

If you feel comfortable with your answers above, then hooray for you, 400 words or more a week are coming your way. But if you want to make the grown-up decision to wait until you have resources, feel confident in your choice.